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Current Projects
The Renovation  is going as per the astrological opinion to restore Hindu sculpture and architecture according to the Silpa Agama Sastra. It safeguards and promotes ancient Hindu architecture etc

  • Renovating and constructing the Meppad Sampradaya mutt for Shaktheya Sampradaya pracharana.

  • Sculpting idols and erecting Sriyantra Maha Meru, Gurupaduka at Thekkini of Mutt

  • Renovating the Kulam and the steps to Kulam (Temple Pond) and Manikinar




Help us by Contributing in any amount (either via monthly pledge or a one-time donation) to help us for renovation of the oldest Shakta temple - School of Shaktism and Meppad sampradaya Mutt.

Plans for the Future
  • Aquasition of the Land and Pond near the temple
  • Construction of the Saraswati Mandapam and Yaga Shala
  • Construction of of the Gopuram in front of the Main temple
  • Construction of the second Prakaram around the main temple
  • Construction of the Third Prakaram (Compound Wall)around the main temple
  • Cut stone steps to kulam (pond) foot path to ManiKinar
  • Cut stone flooring at Thirumuttam Main Temple and Bhadrakali peetam


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