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Kaula Marga Tantra Course of Meppad Sampradaya.


Basic                                      5 days or 10hr

1. Deeksha & Meaning of Guru mantra.

2. laghu Sandhya vandanam & Gayatri sadhana

3. Bala mantra deeksha ,tarpanam

4.Ganapati mantra deeksha, tarpanam.

5. Sadhana dharma &  Samaja dharma


 Middle                                  5 days 0r 10hrs

1. Panchadasi mantra Japa & sandya vandhanam

2. Srichakra nitya puja keralacharam

3. Shat chakra kalpanika mala  japam.

4. khadganmala Archana

5. Hamsa: meditation on breath


 Top       Yantra Puja                         30 days

 1 .Bala  yantra puja                              5 days or 10 hrs

2. Mahaganapathy yantra puja                5 days  or 10 hrs                

 3. Syama Yantra puja                           5 days or 10hrs

4. Varahi Yantra puja                             5 days or 10hrs

5. Lalita navavarana puja                        5 days or 10 hrs

6. Homa paddhati                                 5 days or 10 hrs



 1. Bala tripurasundari avarana puja       5 days or 10 hrs

2. Bala tripurasundari Nava yoni Puja    5 days or 10 hrs

3. Sri chakra mahapuja Dasa patravidhi 10 days

5.Secret ritual with Pancha makara and bhairavichakram 6 days



Other                                                     5days or 10hrs (each)

  1. Bhadra kali sadhana and guruti tarpana  
  2. Swarnakarshana bhairava sadhana
  3. Uchista ganapati Sadhana
  4. Chandika  mantra sdhana
  5. Sharaba ,Pratyangira Sadhana
  6. Pancha moorthy Sadhana
  7. Yakshini Sadhana
  8. Kamadeva Sadhana
  9. Hari Hara putra Shasta Sadhana 
  10. Sudharshan sadhana
  11. Mrityunjaya saddhana
  12. Swayamvara kala sadhana
  13. Santanagopal sadhana
  14. Srikrishana Dhana akarashana mantra sadhana
  15. Sarswati Sadhana with aushada seva and mantar japa
  16. Healing through Shat karma

You can Redesign your destiny by performing secret rituals of mantra yantra      and puja taken  from  the ancient tantric manuscript listed in our website


Tanrika Yoga - The Yoga of Shiva And Shakti

Tantra yoga is for serious students who wants to go deeper in tantric tradition of self Realization through working with Shiva and Shakti. The Goal of practicing tantra yoga is to awaken the mother goddess kundalini  and her powers within us .Tantra Yoga teaches inner aspects of Yoga , where the normal yoga which practices asanas and postures etc are the foundation for inner yoga and not an end in itself.

Now when we look at many bhaktas  we can see that  they have become spiritual accountants bycounting the mantra and later get bored and stops japam. Tantra yoga teaches you Inner mala japam which gives you inner contact with real energy .the visualisation of shatchakra japam , the yogam of linga and yoni which results in  Paramanda .

you can use inner mantra japa with sattvic intention to promote health, harmony, removal of negativities (shatrusamhara), prosperity and plentifulness.Chanting mantras in Shat chakra energises the chakra and  gives powers easily  to full fillyou desires .

Tantra Yoga teaches several secrets practices Like
BhadraKalisadhana -  Sadhana of supreme yoga shakti and the power of Sacrifce
Bhairavi Sadhana - Sadhana of powerful one and Awekening of Kudalini shakti
Sundari Sadhana - Sadhana of the Beutiful one and Flow of Amritavarsha

The Great secret of trasforming Kali in to Sundari is the essence of Atma yoga which leads to Parmanada Avasta.


 Nitya Karma - Daily Practice of Hindus


one day and one night cosist of 24 hours and it is divided into eight parts each cosisiting of three hours called yama.half of yama is called yamardha .we help to practice daily rituals like Sandhya vandhanam. the whple day is divided into 16 yamardhas for the daily spiritual practices.


Morning Duties :16th yamardha to 3rd yamardha like awakening  to  sandhyavandhanam , meditation,


Fore noon Duties : 1s yamardha to 3rd yamardha like worship of Guru , kuladevata or Ishta Devata,studing sacred works etc


Noontide  Duties :4th yamardha to 6th yamardha like snasna, tarpana, sandhya,  suryaupasthana, Brahmayajna, devapuja ,Pancha maha yajna.


After Noon Duties: 6th yamardha to 7th yamardha is the time to study itihasa ,purana etc


Evening Duties: 8th yamardha is the time for satsang and sayam sandhya.


Nigth Duties : 9th yamardha to 10th yamardha is the time for finish omitted and unperformed duties  during the present day.Discussion with wife children etc


Sleep: 11th yamardha to 15th yamaardha is the time to think about how the day was and plan the next dayand then to sleep.


Nowadays it will not be possible for majority of our people to carry out theses daily practice as above .so 4th to 7th  yamardha practice can be done either in morning or evening.



Bhairavi Sadhana & Shakti puja Vidhanam


Bhairavi puja or shakti puja is practice in north kerala. Many temples and families still  perform shakti puja for the blessings of Shakti Bhairavi. As we knows that creation and destruction are the two aspects of Prakriti and they depend up on each other .here Bhairavi embodies the principle of destruction. you can see in puja of bhairavi and many theyyam rituals in north kerala  that she is with self-destructive habits, such as eating tamsic food and drinking liquor, which wear down the body and mind .


As we know Destruction is not always negative,and creation cannot continue without it.She is the kali or maha pralaya or the dark night kalaratri.She is present  every where and every person  when he gradually ages to death.Parashurama Says in kalpasutra  that the name Bhairavi is derived from the words bharana (to create), ramana (to protect), and vamana (to emit ). even her puja some time appears to repudiative because of the use of wine and meat.The ultimate  principle underlying the Bhairavi chakra puja is " By that one must rise by which one falls".Now a days many familys use non objectional materials as substitutes in Shakti puja.


This Bhairavi is the kundalini fire and this  Shakti sadhana is considerd as yoga practice for internal transformationand highest mode of worship.The ultimate aim is to get self control and at last sadhaka finds ultimate liberation.Sacrifices like bali in the worship is surrender of ego ,the complete surrender to diety and realizationn on difference between sadhaka and slvashakti is one which is  Adwaita bhava  which leads maha siddhi





Sundari sadhana & Srichakra puja Vidhanam


Tripurasundari is the  main diety of Srichakra worship and srividya upasana.She is talso called as Lalita and Rajarajeswari. She is is  the key for the flow of Soma/Amrita from sahasrara.She is the full moon or we can say her as the light of light which gives cooling effect to mind which leads to peace an love. He gives the Brahmananda. She is the opposite of shakti bhairavi or Kali.Practicising Sundari is very important to keep kundalini in balanced as it wakens and rises.She is worshipped in SriChakra. which has nine avaranas.Each avarana has different archana  technique,its own beeja mantra,color,prakriti,moorthi,Swaroopa ,mudra, visualization,spiritual secret and Results.


In south India most of the tantric tradition worship the Beutiful one in the three world called Maha tripurasundari.She is worshipped in the form of sri yantra. If one want to worship Sri vidya  he shold be the owner of clear mind and pue heart and should have  the grace and guidance of both god and guru parampara.the entry into the upasana of sundari is given by initiating into Bala the juvenile form of sundari. this vidya should be followed under the strict guidance of  Sri guru


Sri chakra upasana is the geometrical meditation form of shiva and shakti or linga and yoni. so sri chakra  represents the union of shiva and shakti in crown chakra the place of it is also called the chadra jnana vidya .


  Healing through Mantrika shat karma and Mudras

As we know that miracle happens in our life almost all the time.healing is also a miracle ,they happens normally without any effort and we never notice and pass it unrecognised. I have practices several healing techniquies from tantric text in which most of the mantra and visualization works according to person and situation.Some times if it is not working we cannot blame the Rishis who had passed this to us and we cannot say that the Mantrika shat karma is wrong.It may be only because the time and situation is not right and the piniyal or the person still is not the medium or his mind is not yet ready to accept it.

In olden days kerala  was well known for Mantravada or tantrik healing technique , but later people started missusing it with out understanding why it was passed from God Adi paramashiva to us and where and  how it should be practiced  .The  Beautiful Healing technique  through Mantravada is divided into six karmas such as Shanti, vashya, Stambana, uchtana,vidweshana and marana which can be used in our daily life .


As most of the people see the Marana karma or killing which is the six  karma  as the most harmfull karma. it is only because of sheer ignorance. Marana  can be used for cureing many disease by killing the cause of disease by visualisation , meditation and mantra japa. God or rishis had never made it  to harm any person and no body has the right to harm with shat karma, it is only made for the healing .