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Sri Bhagavathy Peetam

 Sri Bhagavathy peetam worship began in Nadanta house in 1997. The Bhagavathy vigraham nadanta started worshipping when he was an school boy , which was made of mud was changed in to metal in 1997. Nadantas mother giuded him in the devotional path from his very young age and his fater initiated him in Navaratri puja . Then later with the blessing of his Great grand father Meppad kammaran Gurukkal of Meppad Sampradaya, also disciple of Brahmasree Madhavacharya swamikkal started practicing Vidyopasana and in 2007 blessed with Poorna deeksha from Mahamandaleshwar Annapurnamba sameta Amritanda saraswathy of Sahasrakshi peetam,Devipuram.Started practicing Maha puja on Sriyantra.Blessed with palm leaf with secret vidhanam of kaulacharam from his Pitru parambara started to practice Shakti Samaradhana at Shakti peetam ,Meppad sampradaya

Nitya puja for Mahakali MahaLakshmi MahaSaraswati swaroopa Chandika Durga Parameswari is Performed here. Special puja for Laksmi is also conducted here. Narayana is worshipped in saligrama.Guru Paduka  and Mahaganapthi is also worshipped on daily basis. Jagadambika panchayatanapuja  is performed on Srichakra Meru . bhadrakali is also worshipped in paramparya sampradaya. khagamala archana,sampradaya pushpanjali for Devi and Guru pankti is also done on daily basis.Kumkumarchana on sri yantra and soubhagyadravya archana on Maha Lakshmi vigram is also done.On Every pournami and special tithis Mahaganapathi havan and Srichakra Maha puja is performed .
Sri Nadanta Ananda Natha’s vision is to make sure that the benefits of Sri Vidya practice reach everyone, irrespective of their caste, creed or social status.According to Nadanta Ananda Natha “It is the birth right of every human being to be connected to the universal mother .Similarly it is  the right of a person to become wealthy and knowledgeable. Srividya sampradaya connects an individual to the universal mother who in turn showers knowledge and wealth an individual”.

 Sri Bhagavathy peetam cater knowledge on practices on shaktheyam.helps Devi upasakas to practice Srichakra puja , and Vidyopasana. Kaula acharam is practiced in pure vegetarian form at Sri Bhagavthy peetam