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Meppad Sampradhaya and Shakthi Worship  in NorthKerala


The worship of shakthi was prominent in all parts of  Kerala.The roots of shakthi worship in Kerala can be traced back to many centuirs before Christ.The spiritual significance of Kerala evolves from the fact that Lord Parashurama (incarnation of Lord Mahavishu ) made 108 durga temples and 108 shiva temples in Kerala.The temples in Kerala are extremely powerful since secret rituals are followed in the worship of deities.Meppad Kalari (Kalari in Malayalam means spiritual school), located in north Kerala is one of the oldest Shakthi temples in India ,which has the unique distinction of  initiating and training the spiritual seekers to the world of Sri Vidya upasana.For the last thousand years the spiritual masters of Meppad Kalari was instrumental in guiding many generations to Sri Vidya  worship.

 Meppad sampradaya of Sri Vidya worship teaches you the un adulterated form of Sri Vidya worship.  This is because all the deekhas( initiations) are done according to the manuscripts which are thousand years old.Meppad Sampradaya is one of  the oldest kaulasampradaya .It is also one among the 18 power full mantrika sampradya of north kerala. Meppad is also Acharya of many Family who follows Shakti worship and Tantri of many Shakteya Devata. Meppad was also famous for Astrolrogy and Ayurveda treatment etc.Meppad follows Brahma Vidya sampradaya which is the path for Nirvana.


Meppad Kalai Temple - Shakti peetam

Normally in temple  puja starts by five in morning, with Abisheka  for main Diety Jagadambika Shoolini with her consort, then to Gurutraya Prathishta, Tripurasundari with parivaram, Anandabhairava,Anandabhairavi ,Shakti ganapathi,Deepadevi,Shaktheya pancha moorhthies,Bhadrakali etc.Then Malar nivedyam is given for all moorthies and then the homachara is performed , again vellari nivedyam is given .(normally this is given to ugra moorthy) then the  puja  for Durga is performed, followed by  guruthy tarpana for bhairava and bhairavi in front of Badrakali Peetam.Then strats the shaktisamaradhana  puja with purifivation of vastu /sudha with sudha suktam and shuddi with veda mantras .then the kapal prathishta and Maha puja with normal nivedyam is done  followed by avarana archana and tarpana with pancha maha nivedyam .Again Bali kriyas for kshetrapala,Yogini,Bhairava, Ganesha,Rajarajeswara,Bootas,then to Uchishtabhairava and Uchista chandali is performed  and  the kula deepam  is offered followed by maha arati.Pushpajali is very imortant for us . we have secret methods for Devi pushpanjali and Guru kusumanjali.Our vidhanam Gives mukti and bukti. that is Enjoyment and Liberation. Any sakalpa kept in the puja is fullfilled and blessing was always showered to bhaktas who attended the puja.

         If you want to know more about Meppad the only reference  book reamianing  is the Gayatri mantrarthika prakashika witten by Sri Vidya Prakashanadaswamikal and published by his shishya Bhagavataratnam kallayi Illam Vishnu Namboodiri. ,Prakashanda was Son of Meppad Valiya Ramman gurukkal and Cousin of Meppad kammaranGurukkal(Disciple of Panniyot Illam Madhavacharya Swamikkal). In the introduction of the book published by Sri Krishna Ashram kanya kumari (3rd edition) Chirakkal Rama Varma Valiya Raja (M.R.A.S; F.R.H.S; F.R.S.A.) has clearly explained about about the deep knowledge of Meppad in Sanskrit language, Astrology,Ayur Veda treatment,Mantra Shastra, Yoga shastra, Vedanta shastra, etc. Meppad was athourity of Kaula and Samayachara of Dakshina and Vama marga. Sri vidya upasana was the secret behind the Siddhi of Meppad . Many books translated in malayalam by Swamiji was donated to Sri Ramakrishna Ashram . Sadhana Bodhini of Bhagavatgeeta,ShataRudriyam,Tatwanusandanam ,Srutisarasamudharam etc.It is heard that Meppad is related to many family in north kerala.Temple were Meppad Gurrukkals worshipped shakti is situated in Kannnur ,North Kerala. Many Scholars and siddhas were in this Parampara .Last Kaulika who showed siddhi was Meppad Kammaran gurukkal.Now his tradition and sampradaya is followed by his Grand son Nadanta Ananda Natha Sarswathy